Parish Conversations

This six–session parish conversation is a preparation for the World Meeting of Families which will take place in Dublin in 2018. It invites participants to reflect on The Joy of Love, the document Pope Francis prepared after the two synods on the family and a worldwide consultation which took place before the synods.

AMORIS studio programmes

Along with various studio programmes to help animate conversations on the Joy of Love, we also be making available a range of interviews on how people, parishes and dioceses are preparing for WMOF2018.

In the interview below, we hear about the K&L Family Picnic Day that is taking place at Punchestown Racecourse on Sunday 27th August 2017.

AMORIS Animations

These animations offer an easy way to reflect on this message and what it means for you and your family, especially as we prepare for the World Meeting of Families, taking place in Dublin, Ireland in August 2018.

See promo below … full series to follow.