Popular Moments

This is a menu of practical initiatives which build on key moments throughout the year that are popular with people – both sacramental and seasonal. It also includes the Oscar Romero Family Award. You can also access additional resources for each initiative. Some resources are on-line and some can be ordered for your parish.

Parish Conversations

In each session of this six–session parish conversation, the participants will be invited to take part in a process which is designed to be interactive and participative. They will be helped to reflect on and articulate their experience of family life and their response to Pope Francis’ reflections in The Joy of Love. The programme takes, as its starting point, people’s experience of love and their hopes and fears with regard to marriage and family.


The facilitator’s guide offers a practical means of calling and forming laypeople in the parish to take co-responsibility for the development and implementation of local faith development initiatives associated with the AMORIS programme.